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     Customer Service Information

Tech Support and Returns Procedure
Business Electronic Equipment Ltd
Tel 01 4509044
Fax 01 4509744

Brands: Casio, Binatone, Sharp, Olympus, MPman, Aurora, Genie, Franklin, Verbatim, Philips, Integral, Maxell, Mindjet, Pentax/Ricoh, Safescan, Nuance, Motorola.

2 Years Casio (3 Year for Scientific), Olympus, Philips, MPman,
1 Year Binatone, Sharp, Genie, Aurora, Pentax/Ricoh, Franklin
Warranty does not cover damage or general wear and tear.


Contact Tony Kelly E-mail or call 01 4509044
Always read instruction manual fully before using machine, many problems can be rectified over the phone, if in doubt please contact our Helpdesk. If you are sending an e-mail please put "service" as the subject heading.

Returns :

Contact Tony Kelly by e-mail and provide the following information.

1. Model
2. Fault
3. Warranty details, valid proof of purchase must be returned with the unit.

Tony will provide a GRA number which must be clearly displayed on the outside of all packages/cartons returned. If there is no GRA number visible the carton may be refused. If there is no Proof of Purchase the repair will be treated as chargeable. If the product is not covered under warranty you will be advised on the minimum service charge with the GRA number. When you are sending an e-mail please put "service" as the subject heading.

Charges: Charges vary depending on the product and the problem, if you have a chargeable repair please contact Tony by e-mail, you will be provided with an estimate. Many cheaper products or items that are badly damaged are not economical to repair. Chargeable items sent for repair that are found to be unrepairable may be subject to a handling charge so please contact Tony prior to returning all items.

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